How We Got Here

Living in a second floor condo wasn’t working out. We were ruining our downstairs neighbor’s life by existing (one time, we were folding laundry at 10pm and our toddler was helping and dropped a laundry basket). Legitimate though I think our locomotion was, knowing that we were driving her nuts was driving me nuts. I didn’t invite people over for a year. Meanwhile, we had to listen to our upstairs neighbors, their dog, and their visiting humans and dogs, while we tiptoed around alone, trying not to drop things.

I wasn’t originally a big fan of this house. I think it was over-staged, and that turned me off. Also, the previous owner and her loud dog were at the showings. It was awkward.

But my husband liked how much downstairs living space there was, and my mom saw lots of potential. And it was in a great neighborhood in the radius we wanted. We decided to go for it, and here we are.

One thought on “How We Got Here

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