The Family

Our little family here at Terse House includes me, my husband, our two daughters, and our two cats.

My husband is J. It’s amazingly difficult to describe the love of my life in just a few words. He doesn’t get annoyed when he comes home from work and is instantly roped into dinner prep. He voluntarily scoops the kitty litter every day. He’s patient and caring when I’m cranky, and is rarely cranky himself. And his sense of humor meshes perfectly with mine (though his out-of-control puns are met with groans <3). None of that does him justice, but maybe it gives an idea?

My older daughter is F. She’s three. She’s very friendly and talkative, and loves to tell stories (tonight at dinner, it was something about “When I was ten, I babysat my auntie, because ten is a good number for that”). Her mannerisms are hilarious – gesticulating hands, head tilted, very serious. And then, a huge, bright smile.

My younger daughter is C. She’s almost three months old. She’s a very relaxed baby, and is quite the interactive, smiley chit-chatter.

Our cats are Chani, an extremely loving fluffy tortie, and Lozhka, a slightly cantankerous black short-hair.


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