Blueberry Bushes!

The blueberry bushes arrived in the mail today!

They came in an impossibly small box, their root balls neatly wrapped in plastic with their twiggy little branches sticking out. F was totally baffled how we were going to put blueberries on them. And she was completely wowed to find out that they would make blueberries all by themselves someday!

We still have a fair amount of snow on the ground, so they’re temporarily sheltering away from outdoor snow and indoor cats in the basement bathroom, unwrapped, covered in potting soil, all in a cheap orange bucket. Humble beginnings!

I’m not sure why they seemed so abstract before they arrived and got perched out of site on the downstairs toilet. But now that I know they’re right here in the house, making serious plans for their exact location, pH needs, fertilizer, etc. seems less like long-term planning and more like a task to get done as soon as possible.

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