Let’s Talk Dining Room

Sponge paint.

The dining room walls are sponge painted pink and white. Sanding will be required, at minimum, to get rid of the texture of the early ’90s. And the pink isn’t a refined dusky rose. It’s the kind of pink a little girl would pick out for her party dress.

The chandelier broke the second my husband touched it to put in a brighter bulb. We bought the cheapest replacement we could find because we didn’t know what we wanted. Turns out that the open bottom made for blinding glare. We upgraded to a dangling boob light, and it’s fantastic.

It’s a small, kind of dark room. Right now it just has a table and chairs in it. We’d like to find or make some inexpensive corner cabinets for it, but I think that’s all that would comfortably fit.

Color-wise, I’m thinking white/cream. Nothing exciting, just fresh and light.

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