Sunday Outing

Over the weekend we took a trip over to Beltsville to check out two stores we’ve never been to before: Behnke’s Nursery and Aldi.

I first heard about Behnke’s from Garden Rant. I was really impressed with this nursery! It was huge, but there wasn’t a bunch of Miracle-Gro garbage for sale. The staff I spoke to actually knew things about soil chemistry, etc., they have free and paid classes, and their website is super informative (compost info, for example). They really seem committed to educating their customers about environmentally sound gardening and providing the supplies needed for that. We picked up our aloe plant there, as well as a carload of peat moss, top soil, and compost. F picked out a small blue flowerpot and a plug of lemon thyme. C snoozed in the Beco.

Also, when we first arrived, the girls were asleep, so J graciously sat in the car with them so I could wander the nursery solo. It was glorious.

Aldi was surprisingly clean and pleasant – I’d go there again for sure, and maybe even be a regular if there were one closer to me.

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