Back in the middle of March, my seeds arrived in the mail and we had a couple of super nice, warm spring days. So I went ahead and planted parsley, chives, and comfrey in pots on the deck.

I chose these because they all said to plant before the last frost, or “just” before the last frost, however one figures out exactly when that is. Well, we had quite a few frosts after that, and I assumed nothing would grow.

We have a few feeble chives sprouts. They’re a couple inches tall, wispy, and aren’t seeming to get taller. We have a couple of little baby seedlings in the comfrey pot. They’re so young, with just the two initial leaves out, that I don’t know how to tell if they’re comfrey or volunteers.

But the parsley!

parsley seedlings

We have probably about a dozen little seedlings going. I transplanted a few into recycled starter pots.

parsley transplants

And it’s an overreaction, and a reflection that I’m such a newbie at gardening stuff, but it makes me feel very rich that I got all these baby parsley plants for “free” by just spending a few dollars on a seed packet.

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