My supermarket basil seems to be recovering and flourishing! I got an Italian basil and a Thai basil (because I’m obsessed with homemade pho).

Almost as soon as I brought it home a month or so ago, it flopped over and looked dreadful. I planted it in a container immediately, and it was so pathetic that I took a bunch of cuttings in hopes that at some point I’d have something to show for having purchased two basil plants.

basil cuttings

Then a bunch of leaves on the original spindly plants started turning kind of white. Powdery mildew, maybe? I plucked the icky leaves off, figuring that I’d end up just plucking all of the leaves off.

But the disease seems to have gone away, or is at least gone for now. And the plants are growing!

basil growing

Thinking about taking more cuttings and growing basil all over the place, because free plants and because yum.


3 thoughts on “Basil!

  1. I love basil! I am obsessed with making just a simple tomato sauce with a load of basil – I had to buy two basil plants coz I couldn’t get enough haha! What does Thai basil taste like? I’ve never had it before.


    • That’s awesome. I usually load my tomato sauces up with dried oregano, but I’m psyched to add some fresh basil in this summer! Thai basil tastes even more like licorice, in my opinion. But I still like it even though I’m not a licorice person. šŸ™‚

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