Weekend in NY: Travels

high line play area

play area


high line bench and chopper

a bench made for climbing, and many helicopters landing next to the Hudson


high line tracks

It wasn’t very crowded mid-morning on a Friday in March



We visited my family in New York this past weekend and had a great time!

We tried driving at bedtime this time around, and it was a thing of glory. Baby C slept the whole way in both directions, and F slept for all but maybe two hours.  I had a long conversation with my husband! Twice in one week!

I’ve been wanting to see High Line Park in NYC ever since I first heard of it. It’s been mentioned in a couple of TED talks – Robert Hammond’s and Amanda Burden’s. Then on a whim a few weeks ago, I took this book out of the library to find out more.

We decided to go for it on Friday because the weather was nice. We went to the northernmost section because it was most convenient for us.

It was great! F loved it too. Baby C slept the whole time. 🙂

I want to go back someday soon to see more of the park itself and to see it in a different season.

Aloe Harvest

aloe plant minus a leaf

cut aloe and supplies

A few weeks ago, F fell and got a pretty deep, awful cut just under her eyebrow. It required stitches.

When she got her stitches out, the doctor said that we could try putting aloe on the wound to help reduce scarring. When I went to try to buy aloe in a bottle, I discovered that it was kind of a ton of money, and all for aloe + xyz. I decided to buy an aloe plant, but that required getting out to a store.

In the meantime, her cut seems to be healing beautifully, so I wasn’t in panic mode about it.

We finally got out to a nursery this past weekend and among our purchases was an aloe plant. F and I harvested the gel from one of the leaves yesterday (how-to). She was very interested and involved. At first, she was nervous to put it on her cut (“It’s gonna sting!”), but we put it on some rough skin on my hands and on her hands, and then she was open to putting it on her cut. It didn’t sting at all.

PS – see that dining room sponge paint? 🙂

Our History Here, So Far

We moved in in the last quarter of 2014.

We tried to get the house professionally cleaned the day of settlement, but when the cleaning crew arrived, they said it was too dirty and they’d have to come back another day.

The day after settlement, my husband ripped out the burnt-orange carpet in what would become our older daughter’s bedroom. He discovered well preserved hardwood flooring beneath it.

The cleaners came back as promised, and this time were willing to clean. The refrigerator’s vegetable drawer frame broke the second they touched it. It’s still broken, so the drawers just sit on the bottom, and we hardly notice anymore.

About nine weeks later, I gave birth to our second child.

We regularly stomp around just because we can.

And it’s starting to feel like home.

The Family

Our little family here at Terse House includes me, my husband, our two daughters, and our two cats.

My husband is J. It’s amazingly difficult to describe the love of my life in just a few words. He doesn’t get annoyed when he comes home from work and is instantly roped into dinner prep. He voluntarily scoops the kitty litter every day. He’s patient and caring when I’m cranky, and is rarely cranky himself. And his sense of humor meshes perfectly with mine (though his out-of-control puns are met with groans <3). None of that does him justice, but maybe it gives an idea?

My older daughter is F. She’s three. She’s very friendly and talkative, and loves to tell stories (tonight at dinner, it was something about “When I was ten, I babysat my auntie, because ten is a good number for that”). Her mannerisms are hilarious – gesticulating hands, head tilted, very serious. And then, a huge, bright smile.

My younger daughter is C. She’s almost three months old. She’s a very relaxed baby, and is quite the interactive, smiley chit-chatter.

Our cats are Chani, an extremely loving fluffy tortie, and Lozhka, a slightly cantankerous black short-hair.

How We Got Here

Living in a second floor condo wasn’t working out. We were ruining our downstairs neighbor’s life by existing (one time, we were folding laundry at 10pm and our toddler was helping and dropped a laundry basket). Legitimate though I think our locomotion was, knowing that we were driving her nuts was driving me nuts. I didn’t invite people over for a year. Meanwhile, we had to listen to our upstairs neighbors, their dog, and their visiting humans and dogs, while we tiptoed around alone, trying not to drop things.

I wasn’t originally a big fan of this house. I think it was over-staged, and that turned me off. Also, the previous owner and her loud dog were at the showings. It was awkward.

But my husband liked how much downstairs living space there was, and my mom saw lots of potential. And it was in a great neighborhood in the radius we wanted. We decided to go for it, and here we are.