A Day at the End of March

Somehow several days this week got by me, and here we are the evening of March 26th.

The day started with warm on-and-off rain, and ended with a warm, gorgeous, sun-soaked afternoon and evening. We spent most of the day with friends we met at F’s swim class, inside at first and then outside at a playground. I forgot my camera, but I didn’t miss it.

We came home and had delicious leftovers (Chicken Posole Stew found on the 100 Slow Cooker Recipes page that I can basically no longer live without) for dinner, and are preparing to wind down.

Tonight is J’s online game night (an MMORPG), so I’ll put F to bed and then see where I stand. I’m sleepy, but still might play another solo game of Agricola – my new evening hobby as of a couple of days ago.

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